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7 Hot Tips For Self Improvement Part 1
by Beth Scott

Have you ever imagined that life could be a lot better and more fulfilling than yours is right now? Are you eager to learn a self improvement technique that will make it so?

If you are read on.

I am going to lay down 7 simple steps for your self improvement plan. Whether you implement the self improvement steps I give you is your decision alone 

Self Improvement Tip 1

This tip will seem quite obvious and simple to you, but
you'll be amazed how few actually take the effort to do it.

Unless you're not a morning person this self improvement
tip will drastically change the quality of your day towards the positive.

Setting you in a good mood to face the days challenges and adversities.

Get Up Early!

This may sound more like a way to ruin your day by putting you in an awful mood, but bear with me on this.

To be able to accomplish this and still avoid losing any any precious sleep. You can go to bed just a half hour earlier since to start with you only need to get up a half hour earlier than you usually do.

To aid this purpose you should definitely use an alarm clock with persistent beeping.

You may be wondering by now just what it is that you're
supposed to do in this extra half hour when you would
normally be dozing peacefully in bed and how this has
anything to do with self improvement.

For different people the answer can vary slightly. To start with you need to fully awaken yourself and get rid of early morning sluggishness.

To suit this purpose you can take a cold or slightly cool shower. Or you might try doing stretches combined with deep breathing.

You might skip the shower if just splashing cold water
on your face is sufficient to wake you. Use whatever works for you.

After you're completely alert step outside of your house,
apartment, etc... And if it's early enough and you have a
clear view, watch the sunrise.

This simple but immensely satisfying act will lift your spirits and help with self improvement. If you're unable to do this, take a brisk walk, jog or run depending upon what you prefer and what you're physically capable of.

When you've been out for 20 minutes you can head inside
and commence with whatever morning ritual you normally

Self Improvement Tip 2

Now this is extremely important but deceitfully obvious.
Eat Breakfast.

To start your day out on the right foot and stay in
keeping with your self improvement plan this is practically
a necessity. You need the energy this will provide you with to accomplish your daily tasks.

If you are overly pressed for time you might try cereal
and milk or a few granola bars, even a few pieces of
fresh fruit would do.

Any of these are better alternatives than skipping

This is also a good suggestion for those watching
their weight, because if you skip breakfast you're
more likely to binge later in the day.  And you certainly won't be helping your self improvement by gaining unwanted weight.

Self Improvement Tip 3

When you go places, even if you find it a bit difficult
at first, smile more at other people. Just curve your
lips up a bit as you make eye contact with another human being.

It's really that simple. This will not only lift your spirits
as you see a good many people smile back, but it will lift other people's as well. Even the ones who are too shy to smile back.

Be sure to read Part 2 of this article which contains
the last 4 tips on self improvement.

To gain more knowledge on self improvement visit
David Rikland's acclaimed
Self Improvement site. 

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